Zentral club has been rescheduled

Zentral club has been rescheduled

jochen miller

juni 29th, 2017

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Important announcement Jochen Miller his booking at Zentral Club – Hong Kong has been rescheduled to 5th of July! He hopes to see you on the 5th of July.

由於惡劣天氣影響航班. Jochen Milller 今晚將未能到達Zentral並將演出延期到7月5號!但唔洗唔開心,Zentral今晚請到DJ ALDO繼續同大家Party並送出大量免費入場券,立即登記!

Due to inclement weather condition, Jochen Miller’s flight to Hong Kong has be affected and sadly he will not be able to party with us in Zentral tonight (Rescheduled on 5th July) ! Don’t worry, DJ ALDO will be the vibe going in Zentral tonight, register a FREE ENTRY QR Code now! See you all tonight!

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